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The following campuses have been in the news for antisemitic activity within the last 60 days:


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10 Forms of Antisemitic Activity

  1. Denying Jews Their Right to Self-Determination
  2. Using Symbols and Images Associated with Historical Anti-Semitism
  3. Comparing Jews to Nazis
  4. Accusing Jews and Israel of Inventing or Exaggerating the Holocaust
  5. Demonizing Israel
  6. Delegitimizing Israel
  7. Holding Israel to a Double Standard
  8. Promoting Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions Against Israel
  9. Condoning Terrorism Against Jews, Supporting Terrorist Organizations
  10. Targeting Jewish Students for Discrimination, Harassment, or Intimidation

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Antisemitic Activity on U.S. Campuses

Focus On: Academic Boycotts of Israel


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the academic boycott of Israel on each campus

Groups Supporting Boycott Groups Opposing Boycott

Anthropologists, the Latest to Jump on the BDS Bandwagon

Anthropologists are the most recent group of Israel bashers to publicly link their academic identity with their hatred of Israel.
Earlier this month at the annual meeting of the American Anthropological Association (AAA), the organization’s members rejected by an overwhelming majority a resolution opposing the boycott of Israeli universities and scholars. This means that AAA members will likely vote on, and handily approve, a resolution in support of the academic boycott of Israel at their meeting next year. At least that’s the goal of Anthropologists for Justice in Palestine, a recently-formed group that organized several pro-boycott panels at the AAA conference and lobbied tirelessly for the defeat of the anti-boycott resolution.

Like its junior organization Students for Justice in Palestine, chapters of which have been established on more than 100 U.S. college and university campuses for the sole purpose of demonizing and delegitimizing Israel and promoting campaigns to boycott it, Anthropologists for Justice in Palestine hopes to achieve “justice” by economically, culturally and academically strangling the Jewish state with boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) campaigns. Read more »

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Kudos To…


  • Kudos to Assemblymember Bloom for his strong statement to UC President Napolitano seeking assurance that Faculty will not be permitted to inject anti-Israel advocacy into their classrooms.

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