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The following campuses have been in the news for antisemitic activity within the last 60 days:


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10 Forms of Antisemitic Activity

  1. Denying Jews Their Right to Self-Determination
  2. Using Symbols and Images Associated with Historical Anti-Semitism
  3. Comparing Jews to Nazis
  4. Accusing Jews and Israel of Inventing or Exaggerating the Holocaust
  5. Demonizing Israel
  6. Delegitimizing Israel
  7. Holding Israel to a Double Standard
  8. Promoting Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions Against Israel
  9. Condoning Terrorism Against Jews, Supporting Terrorist Organizations
  10. Targeting Jewish Students for Discrimination, Harassment, or Intimidation

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Recent News

U.C. Davis student court overturns divestment resolution

UT student senate tosses divestment proposal

After more than five hours of debate, ASG Senate narrowly passes NUDivest resolution

Will BDS tide swamp California campuses?

UC Davis student court overturns divestment resolution

More News

Academic Boycott News

Programmers at CNES saw no reason to counter Israel criticism

After the holidays, when Congress prepares to reauthorize Title VI of the Higher Education Act, legislators should take a cold, hard look at the case of UCLA’s Center for Near East Studies (CNES), a recipient of millions of dollars of federal funding under Title VI, and ask if such programs truly serve our national security interests. Or, are they rather serving the selfish interests of politically motivated faculty and enabling them to promote their anti-Israel activism at the taxpayer’s expense?

UCLA’s Center for Near East Studies has a long history of presenting biased, unambiguously anti-Israel positions that go far beyond criticism of specific government policies into characterizations of Israel as inherently evil and unjustified in its existence. Such programming is in flagrant violation of Congress’s intent. Read more »

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UCLA candidate is challenged for being Jewish

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