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The following campuses have been in the news for antisemitic activity within the last 60 days:


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10 Forms of Antisemitic Activity

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  1. Denying Jews Their Right to Self-Determination
  2. Using Symbols and Images Associated with Historical Anti-Semitism
  3. Comparing Jews to Nazis
  4. Accusing Jews and Israel of Inventing or Exaggerating the Holocaust
  5. Demonizing Israel
  6. Delegitimizing Israel
  7. Holding Israel to a Double Standard
  8. Promoting Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions Against Israel
  9. Condoning Terrorism Against Jews, Supporting Terrorist Organizations
  10. Targeting Jewish Students for Discrimination, Harassment, or Intimidation


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Recent News

U. of Missouri Chancellor Is Criticized as Slow to Respond to Anti-Semitic Graffiti

Divestment resolution heads to SG Assembly for vote

Anti-Semitic graffiti found on Univ. of Missouri campus

U.C. Santa Barbara student senate votes down Israel divestment resolution

EDUCATION: Jewish groups object to UCR course

U.C. Santa Barbara student senate votes down Israel divestment resolution

Divestment Fails to Pass Again

How the Haters Handed Defeat to Students at Stanford

Academic Boycott News

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Jewish students need more protection on California campuses

Jewish students are the single most vulnerable minority on California campuses.

In part, this is due to the relentless efforts of some students and faculty to demonize Israel – activities that have created a hostile environment for many Jewish students. Even more damaging have been efforts by pro-Palestinian groups to block every attempt of university, state and federal officials to address this unprecedented wave of anti-Semitism for the sole purpose of promoting boycott, divestment and sanctions campaigns intended to destroy Israel.

In July 2012, then-University of California President Mark Yudof published the UC Jewish Student Campus Climate Report, in which students said they felt isolated and unsafe. One day after the release of the report, the Council on American-Islamic Relations and the National Lawyers Guild launched a campaign demanding that Yudof reject the report.

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• Kudos To…


Kudos to the Stanford Board of Trustees for concluding, “The Board concluded that any action on this [divestment] issue would clearly have [a divisive] impact.”

Kudos to the Associated Students Senate of the University of Nevada, Reno for unanimously passing a resolution for Semitic Tolerance which states, “Antisemitic actions are correlated with movements to boycott, divest and sanction against Israel”

Kudos to President Garanzini for taking a strong stand against divestment in his open letter to the community.

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