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Antisemitic Activity


  1. Targeting Jewish Students and Staff:
    Incidents that directly target Jewish students on campus or other Jewish members of the campus community for harmful or hateful action based on their Jewishness or perceived support for Israel.

  2. Antisemitic Expression:
    Language, imagery or behavior deemed antisemitic by the U.S. State Department definition of antisemitism, or wholly consistent with that definition.

  3. BDS Activity:
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Kudos To…


  • Kudos to East Carolina University’s Student Government for passing a resolution against antisemitism titled, “The Fight Against Anti-Semitism Resolution” that included the U.S. State Department definition of antisemitism. The resolution was brought to SGA’s attention due to instances of antisemitism within the ECU community including graffiti targeting Jewish students found on campus and in off campus homes of Jewish students.

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Recent Antisemitic Activity


bullet img April 24, 2017 – UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA
An article in the student newspaper covering an on-campus SJP “Israeli Apartheid Week” event with a JVP guest speaker quoted a student demonizing Israel, saying, “The entire premise just points to the fact that the establishment of Israel was conceptualized as a white supremacist state overall.” In addition, the author of the article concluded, “By establishing the ways in which oppressive states work, we can begin to dismantle them. We cannot begin dismantling the state before addressing the problems inherent in every step of this hierarchy. Therefore, to discuss the Israeli occupation meaningfully, we must discuss it in its entirety.”

bullet img April 23, 2017 – YALE UNIVERSITY
A Connecticut group called, “Promoting Enduring Peace” held an awards event on campus to give an award to BDS founder Omar Barghouti. The event was co-sponsored by SJP. At the event, Barghouti began his speech by dedicating his award “to the heroic Palestinian political prisoners in apartheid dungeons.” He further discussed support for BDS, stating that the “inclusive” movement asks people “to especially target institutions and Israelis who take part in the injustices against Palestinians or help with Israel war-making” and accused Israel of “ethnic cleansing.”

bullet img April 23, 2017 – UC SANTA BARBARA
On the evening prior to Yom Hashoah (Holocaust Memorial Day), UCSB Divest launched a new BDS campaign, including a BDS resolution. The resolution accused Israel of “apartheid policies currently taking place” and targets corporations doing business with Israel. UCSB Divest’s announcement of the launch headlined with “Call to the Associated Students of the University of California, Santa Barbara to Divest from Apartheid.”

bullet img April 20, 2017 – MONTCLAIR STATE UNIVERSITY
The student government association (SGA) had a discussion about an upcoming bill calling for the Student Government Association (SGA) to endorse boycotting Israel. The discussion was sparked by a survey that will be distributed to students about the bill.

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