15 groups condemn attack on Jewish student at Temple University

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The following campuses have been in the news for antisemitic activity within the last 60 days:


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10 Forms of Antisemitic Activity

  1. Denying Jews Their Right to Self-Determination
  2. Using Symbols and Images Associated with Historical Anti-Semitism
  3. Comparing Jews to Nazis
  4. Accusing Jews and Israel of Inventing or Exaggerating the Holocaust
  5. Demonizing Israel
  6. Delegitimizing Israel
  7. Holding Israel to a Double Standard
  8. Promoting Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions Against Israel
  9. Condoning Terrorism Against Jews, Supporting Terrorist Organizations
  10. Targeting Jewish Students for Discrimination, Harassment, or Intimidation

For more information about identifying antisemitic behavior:

Antisemitic Activity on U.S. Campuses

Focus On: Academic Boycotts of Israel


Click the map to find out which faculty have endorsed
the academic boycott of Israel on each campus

Groups Supporting Boycott Groups Opposing Boycott

LATEST OP-ED: While global anti-Semitism surges, don’t forget U.S. campuses


Amid the current unrest in Israel and Gaza, Jews around the world have been targeted for attack. Virulently anti-Israel demonstrations and activities in cities across Europe and around the world have resulted in frightening anti-Jewish violence.

Meanwhile, in the U.S. right now, school is out and students are safe. But there is little doubt that when the academic year commences, Jewish students on American college and university campuses will be targeted for harassment, intimidation, bullying, and worse, solely because of their actual or perceived identification with the Jewish state. Read more »


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AMCHA co-founder speaks about Title VI of the Higher Education Act and what it means for Jewish students facing antisemitism

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Kudos To…


  • Kudos to Brandeis University President Lawrence for condemning ‘abhorrent’ remarks on faculty list serve
  • Kudos to Kent State University President Warren for her statement speaking out against Professor Pino’s Antisemitic and offensive remarks
  • Kudos to Florida Atlantic University for rejecting the BDS motion

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