Active and Archived Global Petitions Re: Campus Antisemitism

Title Description Open/Archived
Anthropologists Against the Boycott of Israeli Academic Institutions Launched February 2015 – “399 anthropologists have signed as of February. An additional 17 anthropologists have signed this statement anonymously. Archived
Petition Against Divestment at Northwestern University Launched Feb 22, 2015 – “By signing this petition, we show the world that Northwestern students do not support NU Divest and its connections to the BDS movement. By signing this petition, we stand for Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish and democratic state and as an equal among nations.” Archived
Petition Against Divestment at Stanford University Launched Feb 17, 2015 – “As Stanford students, faculty, alumni, and community members, we call upon the ASSU and the Board of Trustees to reject any calls for Stanford University to divest from certain companies because of their relationship with Israel…” Archived
Aggies Demand UC Administrators and ASUCD Elected Representatives Condemn Hate on Campus After Swastikas Follow on UC Davis Divestment Resolution Passage Launched Jan 31, 2015 – “We demand immediate condemnation of this hateful act from all UC Davis administrative officials as well as from every single ASUCD elected representative. Should there not be a unanimous condemnation, then we ask for the immediate resignation of every official who refuses to condemn this act of hate.” (11,500+ Signatures as of Feb 2, 2015) Archived
Oppose UAW 2856’s Intent to Join BDS: Sign our letter to UAW International Launched Oct 2014 – “If you are a UAW 2865 union member, please sign the new version today and share it widely to show that union members do not support the leadership’s position [leadership position is to join Boycott of Israel].” Archived
Concerning Lancet Medical Journal: A call to action to institute guidelines governing ethical publishing of science and medicine free of divisive political opinion. Change the corporate behavior of Elsevier! Launched Oct 2014 – “We believe that as the publisher, and owner of its journals and as the employer of its editorial staff, Reed Elsevier is directly responsible for ensuring that the editorial mandate of its publications is unambiguously defined, and that the content of its journals is accurate, free of bias, and falls within publicly stated editorial objectives that reflect the scientific scope defined for each specific publication…” Archived
Oppose Academic BDS: Sign the International Petition to Oppose Boycotts of Israel’s Academic Institutions, Scholars and Students Launched Sept 2014 – “We, the undersigned academics, (faculty, full time and part time, academic staff including librarians, researchers, post doctorates,technicians and technologists, administrators, and trustees) vigorously support free speech and free debate but we oppose faculty or student boycotts of Israel’s academic institutions, scholars and students…” (1,555 signatures as of 2/18/15) Archived