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  • February 24, 2017 – Drake University Jewish Student (Tali) – “Any slur is a means of dehumanizing people….this very much shocked me. Regardless of whether it was a big act or a small act it was still an act, and it still showed that there was someone on campus that decided to take the time to carve something into a seat so that other students can see it and instill that fear and that hate that no one should have to feel.” Read more

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    4/18/17 – Middle East Peace and Prosperity Alliance held “Israeli Apartheid Week” events on campus. The advertisement for the week’s events stated, “Apartheid Week is a part of international efforts at universities and cities that aims to raise awareness about Israel’s ongoing settler-colonial project and apartheid policies over the Palestinian people…To highlight the issue of Israel-Palestine each day MEPPA will host events highlighting different aspects of the struggle against the colonization of Palestine by Israel. ..Tuesday, April 18th: Stop by our Mock Wall in Helmick Commons to learn more about how South African Apartheid continues today in Israel and Palestine.” The mock “apartheid wall” erected consisted of a large banner that said “End Israeli Apartheid,” as well as map images of Israel saying, “this is apartheid” above them.
    HISTORICAL 2/22/17 – An antisemitic slur was carved into a wooden seat in Meredith Hall. (Date is reported date).


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    February 24, 2017:
    WHO TV – Anti-Semitic Vandalism Found on Drake Campus, School Reacts to Act

    February 24, 2017:
    The Times-Delphic – Anti-Semitic slur on campus incites fear, solidarity in Drake’s Jewish community

    October 7, 2015: The Times-Delphic – Senate denies three of five one-time funding requests
    (Description note, “ funding requests were passed this week, including …$2,500 to cover five students going to San Diego State University for the National Students for Justice in Palestine Conference.”)

    January 1, 2014: List of Universities rejecting academic boycott of Israel(Description note: University President David Maxwell rejected the American Studies Association’s boycott of Israeli institutions.)


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