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October 20, 2016:
The Mac Weekly – Swastika found on campus
(Description note – “A swastika was found carved into the surface of a desk in the DeWitt Wallace Library on October 4. ‘We should not at all want this on campus,’ Christopher MacDonald-Dennis, Dean of Multicultural Life, said. According to Director of Facilities Services Nathan Lief, the graffiti measured one inch and has since been photographed and removed by Security Services. Lief and other facilities employees were unaware of who had carved the swastika or when it happened…The campus has seen the swastika and other hate speech featured in graffiti incidents in the recent past. In March of this year, the symbol was found in Turck Hall, and last year the n-word was written atop the popcorn machine in the Loch.”)

October 6, 2015: EVENT – Macalester Students United for Palestinian Rights (Mac SUPER) hosted an event with Remi Kanazi

April 24, 2015: The Mac Weekly – A broken conversation: Israel/Palestine at Macalester and beyond (Description note, “We hope that this is a message that MacSUPER will also heed. In the pamphlet they passed out at the event, they wrote, “Open dialogue is a key part of MacSUPER’s charter and we decisively feel that this event is a roadblock to this goal.” If this is in fact a part of their charter, then MacSUPER needs to re-evaluate who they are bringing to campus. Earlier this year, MacSUPER brought a slam poet named Remi Kanazi who, as a supporter of the anti-normalization movement, is explicitly against dialogue. If anti-normalization were to take hold on this campus, then there would not be a debate as to MacSUPER’s co-sponsorship of events such as ours at all. In recognizing an Israeli narrative, our event would be out of bounds. If MacSUPER is committed to dialogue, as they have stated, and to the inclusion of all voices and perspectives on the conflict on our campus, then we are hopeful that our event, and the controversy surrounding it, puts the anti-normalization question on our campus to rest. We also hope that, as MacSUPER continues to bring a wide variety of voices to campus, they advocate for their organizational values by publicly challenging guests when they act against the cause of open dialogue and partnership.”)


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